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Europe Approves InPen; Makes Insulin Injections Easier

on Thu Jul 26, 2018 3:58 am
San Diego based Companion Medical got its InPen insulin management system certified with the European CE Mark of approval.
Also readily available in the United States, the InPen not only functions as a regular insulin pen but also synchronizes the user data with a paired smartphone with the help of the Insights app. It utilizes the information to facilitate evaluation of next insulin dosage suggestions, thereby updating the user’s physician on the patient’s obedience to the regimen, and to help modify treatment if required.
The user has to physically feed the data on the pen before taking the injections even though the Insights app suggests the quantity of dose to be taken. This permits the patient to use the InPen even in the absence of the paired smartphone. This presents as a key safety attribute of the pen.
A report on the aggregated glucose, insulin, and meal data is generated by the app every day. Getting all the relevant information collectively at a single portal makes it easier to detect any probable causes for anomalous glucose levels that keep fluctuating due to unknown reasons.
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